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RJJC is a quarterly, peer-reviewed periodical, registered trademark of FJSC, with the ISSN 1842-256x.

RJJC is a periodical recognized by the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education in Romania (code 779) as a B+ publication.


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The ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATION (RJJC) promotes the research in communications studies (journalism, public relations, advertising, public communications). The Journal is a forum for academic debate in communications affecting and being affected by changing social, economic and political environments, from Central and Eastern Europe and from other parts of the world. The Journal attracts researchers from the Romanian universities, and also from Europe, North America (USA, Canada), Africa and Asia.

RJJC participates in the inter-library and inter-academic exchanges on the national and international level, with the support of Central University Library “Carol the Ist”, Bucharest. The Journal prioritizes the publication of Romanian and foreign research in the areas of journalism, public relations, advertising, media studies, history of the press, cultural anthropology, ethnography of reception and such, and benefits from the collaboration with prestigious researchers from Romania and abroad.


The ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATION was founded in 2002, on the initiative of Professor Mihai Coman, PhD, and associate professor Marian Petcu, PhD, with the initial title “Journalism & Communication. The Romanian Journal of Communication Studies”, and was edited by the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies - FJSC, University of Bucharest, in partnership with Tritonic Publishing House, Bucharest. It was the continuation of “The Global Network” journal, created and edited by Professor Mihai Coman, PhD, in 1995, under the aegis of Central and Eastern European Schools of Journalism Network.

In 2006, the editorial board decided to continue the initial program in partnership with the Ars Docendi Publishing House (University of Bucharest), under the title Romanian Journal of Journalism and Communication. Since 2007, when the Romanian Association of Trainers in Journalism and Communication - AFCOM was founded, the ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATION is edited by FJSC, by Ars Docendi and by AFCOM.




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