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Instructions for authors

The Romanian Journal of Journalism and Communication - RJJC is a peer-reviewed journal that welcomes articles, studies and book reviews in communications studies, more specifically on communications affecting and being affected by changing social, economic and political environments.

The articles submitted must not be published or under review for another publication.

Style of manuscripts

RJJC accepts papers in English, French and German, with abstracts and keywords in a second language (English, French, German or Spanish). All articles should have two abstracts (one in English and one in a second language), the title and the keywords in English and in a second language.

The articles, studies and reviews for Romanian Journal of Journalism and Communication should be sent digitally, in a Word format, by e-mail at raluca.radu@fjsc.ro

They should be typewritten with Times New Roman, 12, at 1,5 spaces.

Please keep the papers on 20-25 pages (notes and bibliography included). Reduce the number of notes as much as possible; use endnotes (never footnotes!). Citing and referencing should be done in APA style, one of the internationally recognized academic styles (http://www.apastyle.org/).

The illustrations and the tables should be attached in a JPG, TIF or BMP format, scale 100%, minimum resolution – 150dpi.

Structure of manuscripts

For articles and studies, we favor the IMRAD formula, so please try to follow closely this format:

  • Title/ Author and institution
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
    • Introduction/ Background of the paper, Purpose of the paper
    • Methods/ How is the study done? What corpus of data?
    • Results


    • Discussions/ What is new? What is important and for whom? Is there a contradiction to what others did? Why?
  • Conclusion/ What was done in this article, as compared to other papers? What rest to be done in future research?
  • Bibliography
  • Supporting Materials (illustrations, tables – specifying where they should be put in the text)

Please sign the articles, indicating, for all authors:

  • full name
  • academic position and rank
  • institution
  • postal address
  • e-mail address
  • acknowledgements (if any)
  • financing for the research (if any).


All authors that wish to use copyrighted materials in their articles are responsible to obtain the rights to use these materials from the party concerned, prior to publication in RJJC.

All authors published by RJJC are kindly asked to agree to offer RJJC and RJJC distributors (for example, academic databases) the right to distribute their manuscripts to end users with whom there is a contract in this regard.

Code of conduct

The Romanian Journal of Journalism and Communication team supports academic freedom and the higher standards of ethics in conducting research and in publishing research results.

For an overview of ethical issues and procedures, please refer to Ethics for Researchers, published by the European Commission in 2013, here (click for the PDF).